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Walker TexturesTM Products

acid-etched glass
Acid-etched Glass

Walker TexturesTM acid-etched glass products, by Walker Glass, offer a wealth of opportunities to architects, interior designers and decorators. The acid-etched glass creates a translucent satin appearance which obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance.

Acid-etched Mirror

Walker TexturesTM acid-etched mirror offers unique design alternatives with its metallic finish. Architects, interior designers and decorators can use acid-etched mirrors, in a truly distinctive way, for their interior decoration projects.
acid-etched mirror

patterned acid etched glass
Patterned Acid-Etched Glass and Mirror

Walker TexturesTMNuance is a line of patterned acid-etched glass and mirror created to answer the growing demand for unique and environmentally friendly material for decorative and architectural applications.

Custom Acid-etched Glass and Mirror

Walker TexturesTM Select has been created to serve a market need for custom partial surface etched glass or mirror applications. The process creates custom acid-etched stripes on glass or mirror with a rich and consistent finish and a high quality registration.
custom acid-etched glass

stock sheet mirror
Stock Sheet Mirror by Walker

Our expertise and experience with the double-coating process allow us to manufacture high quality mirrors featuring high resistance to scratches, mechanical aggression and abrasion.


Serving all 50 States & International

  • (AK) Alaska
  • (AZ) Arizona
  • (AR) Arkansas
  • (CA) California
  • (CO) Colorado
  • (CT) Connecticut
  • (DE) Delaware
  • (DC) District of Columbia
  • (FL) Florida
  • (GA) Georgia
  • (HI) Hawaii
  • (IL) Illinois
  • (IN) Indiana
  • (IA) Iowa
  • (KS) Kansas
  • (KY) Kentucky
  • (LA) Lousiana
  • (ME) Maine
  • (MD) Maryland
  • (MA) Massachusetts
  • (MI) Michigan
  • (MN) Minnesota
  • (MS) Mississippi
  • (MO) Missouri
  • (MT) Montana
  • (NE) Nebraska
  • (NV) Nevada
  • (NH) New Hampshire
  • (NJ) New Jersey
  • (NM) New Mexico
  • (NY) New York
  • (NC) North Carolina
  • (ND) North Dakota
  • (OH) Ohio
  • (OK) Oklahoma
  • (OR) Oregon
  • (RI) Rhode Island
  • (SC) South Carolina
  • (SD) South Dakota
  • (TN) Tennessee
  • (TX) Texas
  • (UT) Utah
  • (VT) Vermont
  • (VA) Virginia
  • (WA) Washington
  • (WV) West Virginia
  • (WI) Wisconsin
  • (WY) Wyoming

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